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Sensible Dialoque Leads to Reasonable Results

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Every company, however small or big, that uses enterprise or custom-build systems in its daily operations, might and in the near future, will use the decision support powers of A.I.

Intelligent Questionnaires

Adaptive Data




Sensible dialogue leads to reasonable results

A.I.Works has developed a unique solution for creating intelligent web forms that can be customized for various applications. Users are guided through the set of questions in order to acquire user specific information in very specific way.

Our smart questionnaires are much, much more than plain forms. We put a lot of intelligence into the structure of questions and answers. This results into the sensible dialogue instead of boring fill-in forms.

We create super-complex solutions, which are from the point of user's view clear, straightforward, interactive, easy to use and possibly also entertaining. Our dialogue system will never annoy respondent with irrelevant question nor offer irrational answer option. Our intelligent dialogues lead directly to the point.

Each dialogue is very different depending on your answers. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence technologies based on expert systems and semantic technologies, the complexity and possibilities of decision making process during the dialogue are truly flexible.

So we have collected all the information in a smart way. What’s next?

Gathered user-specific information is now used to produce an intelligent response - a smart reply to the finished dialogue. It can be provided in the form of a smart text (perfected for the specific user), it can be a customized office document (generated as .docx), it can be a product or service recommendation (personalised selection), but it can also be realised as the processing and statistical evaluation of data acquired from users.

All types of intelligent responses can be combined.


Make the communication with your customer smart, creative and entertaining.

The basic form of the intelligent response is undoubtedly meaningful processing of data. Harvest information from your customers or clients and evaluate their preferences, needs or requirements.

Typical use cases of adaptive data acquisition are several types of surveys, quizzes, examinations or tests. Processing of information harvested from number of respondents can be also statistically evaluated. The result can also provide the visualization of processed information.

Applications based on our platform can be easily adapted to enable any type of data processing and access to the evaluated information.

  • Get deep into the opinion or knowledge about your respondents. Dig into harvested data, analyze, understand.
  • Make the evaluation of your surveys, examinations or tests automatic and error-proof. No more work and time intensive manual evaluations, no more mistakes caused by the lack of concrentation.
  • Give the freedom to your respondents. Let them answer the precise and detailed questions from the areas of their interest, let them skip the irrelevant blocks of questions.


Create your documents in fast, flexible and error-proof way

Do you work with recurring documents, where you need to customize the content many times to the needs of your client? Automate it!

We provide easily adaptable solution enabling the creation of any type of agreement, invoice, report, feedback or legal document. You won't need to copy paste any more. Our system will guide you through the set of logical and contextual questions resulting in error-proof customized office documents ready for the signature.

The static information, such as names or dates, will be correctly used across the whole document, result will contain only relevant parts of tailored text, all quotations will be correctly computed and placed. Create documents that took hours in matter of minutes.

  • Streamline the tedious and time-consuming process of document creation and get rid of copy-paste and need of retyping several parts of the document manually.
  • Reduce the human errors. Information and data acquired in intelligent dialogue will be automatically used to adapt the document content. You'll never more need to check, if you retyped the name at every place in the document, if you all paragraphs are accurately tailored, or if all computations are correct and at the place.
  • Accelerate the document creation. The intelligent questionaire will consult the document content with you and create the result automatically, instead of difficult manual adjusting of the text.


Make the process of product or service selection
smart, fast and intuitive

If you offer various products or services, we can help your customers easily navigate your menu. Based on the customer preferences discovered with the help of intelligent dialogue, our platform will recommend the best matching options.

Typical form of recommendation is usually an ordered list of products or services, such as most adequate restaurants, suitable cars or even the the selection of best insurance contract.

Alternative recommendation may be also provided in the form of textual advice, for example, detailed and customized manual on how to improve your fitness training according to your current situation.

  • Save the time of your customers to get oriented in your offer. Your customers will become more engaged when they will discover your products in the form of intelligent dialogue instead of doing search after search.
  • Provide your customers with expert pre-sales advice. Let your customers to choose the best matching products in advance. They will come prepared and focused.

How We Work

This is a brief demonstration on how we approach each client individually.

We meet and discuss the idea, how to improve your business. Points to We consult the solution in all details, we completely understand the problem and solution with all its aspects. Points to Points to We create the solution step-by-step with help of your feedback. Points to Once, you are satisfied with the result, we bring your solution to life.


Qualities of produced digital services


Our forms support much more than you know from ordinary web forms. Except standard inputs, we use many custom graphical input elements in nicely interactive way. Our templating engines enable to easily adapt to any graphical design.


The solution was designed to enable creation of any application using intelligent forms. That means, we can prepare very custom solution with very specific behaviour and logic precisely matching your needs. This also includes integration with your existing systems by adopting your data as a part of application.


Our solution is based on artificial intelligence techniques enabling to create truly complex decision scenarios. The intelligence is applied to drive the dialogue in reasonable direction. This also includes automatic inference of new information, which was not explicitly entered. Inferred information supports the dialogue process, but also serve as the base for composing the intelligent response.


A.I.Works is a small Slovak company established in 2012 in Košice, as a result of a big ambition - to bring Artificial Intelligence solutions into the real-world market.

Combining years of knowledge in the Artificial Intelligence field, know-how gathered from working on various industrial and research projects and dedication of three team members, we are set to put A.I. in good use for enterprises in their everyday operations.

Peter Kostelník
CEO / Researcher / Developer


An expert in artificial intelligence and technologies. He was awarded M.Sc. degree in Decision Support Systems & Biocybernetics from Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Košice, and Ph.D. degree in Automation and Control from the Institute of Robotics and Control of Slovak Academy of Sciences. He has worked as a researcher and assistant professor at the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Košice, and as an architect, developer, lecturer of technologies and project manager for several international IT companies. He has published dozens of scholarly publications and articles, co-organized conferences with international participation. Since 2006, he has participated as analyst, researcher and developer in several EU R&D projects (HYDRA, EBBITS, ADAPT4EE, INERTIA). He is the CEO and major architect, researcher and developer in A.I.Works, Ltd.

Darina Tyrpáková
Design / Interfaces


Darina has extensive experience in front-end design, development and testing of user interfaces, web applications, commercial templates and e-commerce. Since 2007 she has worked with several international clients and marketing agencies. In A.I.Works, Ltd. she takes care of complex visual aspects of all projects.


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